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Cosmo’s new toy #cat #Cosmo #toy #snack #retrieve

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This helps you make little movies of ‘gifs’ with either movies or still photos. This is me playing with my Christmas toy. I have to retrieve treats from cups of varying sizes and I learned to use the tallest cup quickly! This of course is sped up a bit…but sometimes I am that excited to get treats! Helps to have claws too!

Hey, sorry we haven’t updated for a while. My ma has had some issues with arthritis and she has had boo boos since September of last year. She is feeling better except for her right knee. She also goes to help out with little peeps at a preschool once a week. She still geocaches a few times a week! 

I’m not sure if it’s ‘really’ my birthday, but I came to live here 10 years ago. Ma and Sean and Dad too, were nice enough to bring me into their home after they had lost their girl cat Jade a month or so earlier.

Here’s what I got…


Just kidding…these are the only gourds Ma got from her garden and they smelled really interesting.

I just got served up some Fancy Feast for dinner. Not bad, not bad at all.

Thanks to all you cool cats and friends who stop by my blog. I hope you have a great 2010! I will be 10 years old this year. Am I middle-aged for a kitty? Who knows? : )
I also appreciate the comments you leave and will try and make the rounds of your blogs better.
My ma is wondering if you all eat wet or dry food or a combo of it? I get really tired of a certain brand and will try the new food and then get tried of it too. She is in a dilemma. Of course I get a taste of people food and that doesn’t help. I think it tastes so much better. But I guess it’s not good for me. Any ideas?

Cosmo posing or waiting for giblets

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Yeah-I heard you ma when you said you were going to cook these even though they are nasty looking. Can you please let me try them with a little white meat, please?
Happy Thanksgiving!

On the weekends, it is usually ma who gets up to feed me and then goes back to bed. I usually don’t complain, but I get mad because I want attention. Why does she need to get more sleep? This past Sunday morning, I was still hungry and I saw a new bag of cat food sitting on the floor. It was in an enticing orange bag, all shiny and approachable. But I am usually not allowed to feed myself. Why was the bag left there? My ma is really good about putting my food away and I have to ask to be feed. So I went ahead and started to bite and chew at the bag. It didn’t take long to open it and there was a river of food at my disposal. I was full and happy and went and joined ma on her bed.

When she finally got up, she didn’t appreciate me feeding myself from the new food. She yelled and was angry! I didn’t dare go into the kitchen to ask for more. She had to clean up my food and she said she wouldn’t feed me now until 5 pm. And she kept her word. I couldn’t go for my walk either. Rats.

Cosmo and Ambrosia
…that had a treat on it’s head so ma could take her silly photo?
Cosmo and Ambrosia
I’m almost certain it is! What’s the deal people?

I still love, love, love my red feathers on a stick. Ma knows I get a bit bored when it’s cold and damp outside, so she gets my stick down from on the top of her bookcase. I love when she runs it along the corner of the wall and I jump off the ground quite high to try and catch it. You know I can catch it, but I am playing with ma because she is bored and worried about herself lately.

She said to tell you she is getting a procedure done (on the 28th) to make sure one of her lady pillows is not bad or something. She said you can read about what’s going on in her blog called ‘Dianne Rambling on…’ and the tab at the top, ‘Me stuff’.

It’s almost turkey time! When anything is roasting in the oven, it drives me crazy all day. By 4 pm or so, I am begging for roast beef or whatever smells so good.


I’m glad my antics seem to tickle my ma and dad’s funny bones! Last night, a thunderstorm went through and the whiz whiz (vacuum) was ‘parked’ right near an open window. Everytime there was a ‘boom’ or noise, I swore it was the whiz whiz and sat and stared at it like saying ‘what the heck?’ I turned my head a few times and my eyes got big. Of course I heard the two of them laughing at me. Then they started making whiz whiz noises to further annoy me.

The following was funny to me: ma was tossing little pieces of chicken from her lunch to me. With the last piece, I volleyed it into the living room area and I couldn’t find it after much sniffing. Ma had a fit as she thought for sure it was lost and would stink up the place. Lucky for her, she was sitting on the floor wrapping packages in there and saw the chicken next to her purse. Ha!

Looking relaxed

Guys, it’s a bit depressing. The other night, ma put me in front of overgrown grass (outside the front door), let me chew a bit and in I went again. Wait, I did go out last night and almost choked on a long piece of grass. Ma had to pull it out of my throat. I was very thankful. This was the first morning in a long time that I hankered down next to her on the bed and stretched out. She’s got the bestest bed-called pilla top or something.

She’s been going out everyday and leaving me behind. She went to mom-mom’s today for a few hours. I feel so lonesome. When she got in, right at din din time, I told her in my loud voice that I was starving and she yelled at me! The nerve. No snuggling with her tomorrow morning-witch!

Me checking out the weird camera strap

What is that?

It’s really good!

Licking ma’s finger
It has stuff other than squash such as milk, butter and cheese! Guess that’s why it’s finger lickin’ good to me! I even have some on my nose!