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On the weekends, it is usually ma who gets up to feed me and then goes back to bed. I usually don’t complain, but I get mad because I want attention. Why does she need to get more sleep? This past Sunday morning, I was still hungry and I saw a new bag of cat food sitting on the floor. It was in an enticing orange bag, all shiny and approachable. But I am usually not allowed to feed myself. Why was the bag left there? My ma is really good about putting my food away and I have to ask to be feed. So I went ahead and started to bite and chew at the bag. It didn’t take long to open it and there was a river of food at my disposal. I was full and happy and went and joined ma on her bed.

When she finally got up, she didn’t appreciate me feeding myself from the new food. She yelled and was angry! I didn’t dare go into the kitchen to ask for more. She had to clean up my food and she said she wouldn’t feed me now until 5 pm. And she kept her word. I couldn’t go for my walk either. Rats.


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  1. If the bag was sat there just waiting to be opened, what did your mum expect? We would have done the same thing.

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