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Ma and Dad have a new hobby thanks to ma’s friend in Canada. This is what I think it is. Ma looks at her computer and finds places to go look for treasures (boxes of junk-ha ha, ma). So they get in the car and disappear for a few hours and mostly come home sweaty and have to take a shower. What are they doing that for? It’s a game….yep, it is! I can’t go as I hear dogs love go with their people and they call them ‘geopups’. Ugh. It figures.

I was going through ma’s photos one day (when she was out on a hunt)and found this:

Why the heck would they use this? Ma said a cache was hidden inside! It’s probably a better idea than what it is suppose to be used for. She said it was near a vet’s office too. Good idea right….nope! Toss all those horrid carriers in a big bonfire…I’ll give you the match.

I can answer that question. But let me tell you about what happened. I was cleaning myself like crazy. Something in the hind area didn’t feel right-I know you get that feeling. I came in the family room and stretched my leg up just in the right position and out popped a dingleberry! I was so embarrassed! I quickly left the room.

So dad comes in the family room and him ‘breezing by’ made the smell hit ma right in the nose. She thought dad had really bad breath or he stepped in something. LOL She kept saying when he walked in she smelled something and was getting nauseous. Finally she stood up and saw ‘my gift’. At that time I was under the desk in the other room. She had to get paper towels and pick it up and made me smell it and said ‘No’. Well the nerve! Wonder what she does in that situation?

No one really knows my real birthday, but today, 6 years ago, I wondered in my family’s yard and they decided to adopt me.(I learned this is called ‘Gotcha day’-good one!

Ma always says I adopted them. So to celebrate, we did nothing! It’s my brother’s last day at home before he drives back to PSU with a packed car. They were busy helping him. Ma did take me out on the harness and lo and behold, there was that Tuxie cat laying in my yard next to the yellow snake hose of all things! I was about 15 feet from him. Ma was telling him to go home and he was rolling all over the place like he was liking what she was saying. When we both started to hiss at each other, Ma dragged me around to the front of the house and then Tuxie went away. Ma thinks he was stalking a bunny family we have living near the house. Dad found a squirrel tail under the outdoor table yesterday. Ugh! The poor thing must have been hunting for nuts or something and got sprang on!

So I am happy to be here even though they shut me in the basement at night and when they go on trips. It’s better then facing the outside elements. I love them all in special ways. Thanks family.

My ma says I have the bestest attention span for a cat. I can play with something I like for 10 minutes or more if I am ‘into it’. Case in point-the retractable measuring tape:

Ok, I don’t look ‘that’ interested, but go on…

I’m playing with dad here. It’s cool as it makes a sound when they pull the measuring tape out, then it makes a sound when they push a button and it disappears into the little round case again!

Fun times…I could play with this for hours!!!!

Tonight I went for a walk! Yes! The grass was a little damp, but I went all the way past the veggie garden and sniffed around out there. On the way back, there was a ‘creature’ sitting next to ma’s roses. I don’t ever remember seeing it before! It Was a little taller than me when I sit and it had big yellow eyeballs. I went up to it very slowly and with caution. When I got to it, it smelled good and I started licking it! Then I rubbed my face on it and tried to bite it’s beak! It was neat and something I could relate to, even though it was hard and plastic. Dad came out and ma showed him my new friend. He thought it was funny too. Ma said it reminded her of the monkey babies who were given terry cloth mamas to cling to, like the Owl was my long lost mama! Hey! It was just a cool thing to have in my yard, that’s it!

Dad!!! Can’t you see I’m posing with all my mousie toys right now?

There! Much better….

Cosmo and the Salvia
I got to go out on the harness twice yesterday! The second time, ma was all engrossed in taking photos of her flowers. She told dad to put me near some on a table. She said he didn’t get it quite right, but do look how sleek and pretty my fur looks here. : )
Dad complained about me eating too much grass as he found ‘surprises’ in the basement with grass in the middle. Ma said that twice outside is quite enough, especially if I had eaten grass the first time. Geez people!
By the way, I am doing a good job hiding Dad’s tummy in this photo! : )

What’s all this fuss about Mutter’s-don’t we all have them? I am happy to have my ma every day. For instance, she calms me down, hugs me, gives me treats and even found some new food that I gobbled up tonight called Iams!

She did go out today for a few hours with dad and human bro Sean who is home now and holding this thing with a cord on his lap all the time! Sean sits on one side of the soffie and Ma the other. I keep eyeing that black cord. I hate it! And the whiz whiz is in here a few feet away. A guy can’t get any peace!

So all you Mutters, hope you had a great day with your kitties!

The few times I’ve been out these last few weeks, I almost have a major spaz out! The more I walk and sniff, the more I feel the growls in my throat and my mind flashes with images of squirrels, ground hogs and mice! Ma said I even scared her one day and I was feeling so tense she said I was about to start to twirl like the Tasmanian Devil!


Dad had me out and got disgusted with my hisses and snarling.

Now today I was better, still hissed a little, but decided I wanted to go in when mom opened the door. She was very relieved. I had gotten a few morsels of steak, so I know how to act to make ma happy!