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Very funny, right?

Looks like I am almost nose to nose with this lady I don’t even know.

Mom’s still doing the catching thing. Hogs the computer like you wouldn’t believe.

I look at the Koi pond on the iPad

Yes, I can make the fish swim away!

Hope all is well gang!


Ma got an iPad2 (I can actually fit on her lap when she is looking at it) and she even lets me play with it as you can see. It’s an app called ‘Paint with Cats’.

Cosmo in his favorite spot

Sean's 25th opening gifts
If my ma goes out more than an hour, I always snuggle up to her when she comes back. My human bro Sean, he’s on the other end of the sofie, turned 25 yesterday-man is he old! Ma says her hair looks better tonight as she got it fixed up nice. I could so do that for her!

I usually get my way, but Ma needs to keep the lap free of books, crochet, cross stitch and that blasted red box!

Cute tongue shot

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

Right on my ma’s lap I was relaxing my tongue for a bit and she thought it was too cute. That cellphone camera is going to be a big pain.

Cossy and Mommy

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

I have stars in my eyes I am so happy to snugly with my ma here. Dad always wants to take photos of the two of us because I love her so much and he thinks it is cute. Mom is in her bathrobe as it was night time.

Mom couldn’t get a photo of Lily, her mom’s new cat as she was still afraid of company. It may take a while!

Cosmo has the winter blues

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

I’m still here gang. Not much to say. Well really there is as we have a ton and a half of snow in these parts of Pennsylvania! Like 40″-way over my head! I can’t even see any fresh green grass-all white! The yard out the window looks freaky this way, like a different yard.
Ma moved a plant from the kitchen to the front window, the one she mentioned that may be bad for me and it wasn’t as I chewed the heck out of it! I had tasted it months ago. Sometimes humans forget stuff. She is lucky!

THANKS to the kitties and mommies who left comments about food. We have to look into the raw food-never heard of it. I like wet the best, but I get tired of the same old. I don’t like anything in gravy which is hard for ma.

The days are getting shorter. My days on the harness are coming to an end for a few months-unfortunately. I just had my annual vet visit and weighed in at 14 pds, 14 oz. The vet looked at the brown stuff in my right ear that I have a problem with and it’s yeast. So ma got drops that she keeps refrigerated and it’s a shock when she remembers to use them. My ear is much better. The vet also said I have tarter on my teeth and should have them professionally cleaned-for $225! When my ma took her girl cat to another vet, she use to do that scraping at the annual visit as part of the exam! I swear the newer vets charge for every little thing! So ma decides to get cat toothpaste and since I’ve never had my teeth brushed, I’m keeping my mouth closed as tightly as possible! She tried a few times and hasn’t tried in the last few days. Ma was sad as the visit was over $140 and she only had $80 on her. She asked the lady who was taking the money if they could bill her for the rest and they said no, that ma couldn’t take home the medicine for me unless they got the entire payment. Ma dipped in her food money and told them that and the lady laughed! Urghhh. If other doctors can take partial payment, why can’t they too? We are thinking about getting pet insurance soon.
Hope all you kitties and pals are doing fine!
Here I am going under the sofa to lay near the heat duct! Sean took this photo.

Being in the dark is nothing new to me. I’m down the basement while my family sleeps at night. Yesterday, early in the evening, the wind outside was so strong, it made all the lights go out for a while. My family gets a bit freaky and funny. My ma went around making fire in different spots of the house. She had a candy smelling one in the kitchen, a lemony lime one in the bathroom and a Christmas one in the dining room! P.U.!
Then they got out the things with the loud noise and they stick things in their ears and ‘sing’ (I use that verb loosely) or hum. My ma had one in her ears and I came up for a lap visit and she tried to get me to hear the song-nonsense! Then she was singing to me -‘for the first time, when I look into your eyes’-very mushy stuff-and the power came on and everyone’s eyes were squinty and it was so bright. Very interesting.

In May, my human bro Sean came back home and it looks like he is staying for a while. It was really weird how he came and went and always smelled funny. Seems his ‘main job’ with me now is to toss me in the basement at night! How rude! They are all light sleepers (I beg to differ)and say I would jump on them all night. Seems they did this with their other cat too. And Ma has all those breakables that I may ‘get into’. (I may have broken only one or two).
So not much going on here. I get to go outside almost every evening-if they remember! I’m still eating grass! I tease them by laying on one of the beds after I come in from outside which freaks them out! They think I have ticks on me!
Hope you all are having a great summer. I’ll be stopping by if I can get Ma off Facebook!