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Being in the dark is nothing new to me. I’m down the basement while my family sleeps at night. Yesterday, early in the evening, the wind outside was so strong, it made all the lights go out for a while. My family gets a bit freaky and funny. My ma went around making fire in different spots of the house. She had a candy smelling one in the kitchen, a lemony lime one in the bathroom and a Christmas one in the dining room! P.U.!
Then they got out the things with the loud noise and they stick things in their ears and ‘sing’ (I use that verb loosely) or hum. My ma had one in her ears and I came up for a lap visit and she tried to get me to hear the song-nonsense! Then she was singing to me -‘for the first time, when I look into your eyes’-very mushy stuff-and the power came on and everyone’s eyes were squinty and it was so bright. Very interesting.



  1. Sounds like your family was making the best of the lights out situation! Sounds like fun!

  2. Wow! It must have been quite an evening!

  3. We don’t like it when the lights all go off!

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