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Cosmo has the winter blues

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

I’m still here gang. Not much to say. Well really there is as we have a ton and a half of snow in these parts of Pennsylvania! Like 40″-way over my head! I can’t even see any fresh green grass-all white! The yard out the window looks freaky this way, like a different yard.
Ma moved a plant from the kitchen to the front window, the one she mentioned that may be bad for me and it wasn’t as I chewed the heck out of it! I had tasted it months ago. Sometimes humans forget stuff. She is lucky!

THANKS to the kitties and mommies who left comments about food. We have to look into the raw food-never heard of it. I like wet the best, but I get tired of the same old. I don’t like anything in gravy which is hard for ma.



  1. Angel only likes the gravy and Kirby does not. That makes it easy at our house. She laps up her part and leacves the chunks for him. We are sorry you have the winter blues. Come to out house. It was 60 today with lots of sun. The only fear is teh fruit trees will bloom and then we will get another freeze!

  2. We only like gravy Stinky Goodness and Gourmet Pearl is our favourite.When our Beans go to America, they bring us back Fancy Feast appetisers as a peace offering for deserting us.

  3. Our current favorite food is Weruva’s Grandma’s Chicken Soup…

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