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Hello! Sorry for my absence! My people have left me alone as they went on a few trips, the last one much longer than I’m use to-3 nights-whew! I should have known when I got a huge bowl of food and water it was going to happen. After ma came home, I was ‘glued to her hip’ as she says. I wanted to make sure she didn’t do that again.

I’m having some ear issues. I have had them all my life, but this yucky dark brown yeast started growing in my ear a lot more. Ma tried mineral oil and it seemed to make it worse and it was hard for me to clean off. I looked like a greaser from the 1950s!

Then she mentioned on Facebook that I had issues and her friend the vet said to use Lotrimin in them for 2 weeks. Do you know what humans use that for? I can’t even say it’s so gross. And ma is putting that in my ears! And after 2 weeks to wipe out with 10% white vinegar. That seems a bit nicer.

Here I am all cozy on ma’s bed. We’ve had such hot weather like most of the country for 8 days or so.

Ma got an iPad2 (I can actually fit on her lap when she is looking at it) and she even lets me play with it as you can see. It’s an app called ‘Paint with Cats’.

Cossy extreme close-up

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

I didn’t even know this was being taken! Don’t I have lovely whiskers and an adorable pink nose with a ‘handsome’ (beauty) mark to boot?!

Cosmo snoozing beside me

I usually get my way, but Ma needs to keep the lap free of books, crochet, cross stitch and that blasted red box!

Cosmo posing

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

So they stuck the tree in another area of the living room this year. I didn’t even know what was going on until ma picked me up from my bed and showed me. I was so confused and cried and ran around. Now I like all the space in front of it and I can go under it and hide. Ma was busy all day putting lights and beads on here (yeah, the beads look tempting!) No ornaments if you can believe it! She forgot the skirt that I like to lay on too! (I see wires under there!) She likes doing this a lot, so I am fine with it. I betcha I get a present too!

Getting ready to pounce!

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

Yeah, this is tons of fun! At first I didn’t know what it was-thus the look on my face. I did bat it around a little to make Ma happy. Later she brought home a floaty thing-a-ma-jig that had a big ’80’ on the side. Seems her ma is turning that age and she is getting this toy to bat around. Lucky mom-mom!

By the way, ma says it’s an ornament, not a toy in the photo, so alas, I can’t really play with it.

Cossy and Mommy

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

I have stars in my eyes I am so happy to snugly with my ma here. Dad always wants to take photos of the two of us because I love her so much and he thinks it is cute. Mom is in her bathrobe as it was night time.

Mom couldn’t get a photo of Lily, her mom’s new cat as she was still afraid of company. It may take a while!

With all the rain we had this past summer, the grass has been growing like crazy. Ma has been bringing me in long stalks of it-the kind with the ‘cattails’ on the end. She says it’s the cheapest toy ever. Only thing, she let me chew on one too much, and I left dad a greenish present on the basement floor. Ma said at least she didn’t have to clean it up!
I like this photo because of the claw action!
Ma made a video of me playing with the grass and will share it soon.

Actually it could be, but ma made it because I am her favorite animal-ha! She’s going to trade it with another lady over at Flickr. Very funny about the feathers too. I hardly get a sniff of feathers, let alone delicious grass.

img_7436It really is here! I get to go outside more! Yippee! Can’t wait for the first nibble of fresh spring grass!!!