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With all the rain we had this past summer, the grass has been growing like crazy. Ma has been bringing me in long stalks of it-the kind with the ‘cattails’ on the end. She says it’s the cheapest toy ever. Only thing, she let me chew on one too much, and I left dad a greenish present on the basement floor. Ma said at least she didn’t have to clean it up!
I like this photo because of the claw action!
Ma made a video of me playing with the grass and will share it soon.



  1. That looks like a fun grass toy! We like that claw action!

  2. That looks like a pawsome toy!! Can’t wait to see the video!

    You have a good daddy. Ours probably would have seen the “present” but act like he didn’t so our mom would have to clean it up. MOL!

  3. Grass makes a fun toy. Our grass has grown long and lush too. Back in the beginning of June, we had hot dry weather and all our grass browned up. We thought it was going to stay like that, but the rain soon came back again.

  4. Oh what a great toy. I wish my human would do that for me!

  5. You are a very green kitty with your organic toy. Very eco-friendly–reuse, recycle and let someone else clean up afterwards

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