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Sorry it’s been a while gang! In February ma and dad were sick, so she forgot I needed to update this blog. And she was playing with that iPad thingie again and again. I get to play, but I mainly watch the mouse in the game below.

Yesterday I got up on Ma’s lap and she was playing a drawing game and Words with Friends. I enjoyed watching them as you can see:

Ma said to pardon her jammies. She isn’t working in the store and her schedule is messed up, thought she is looking for another PT job.

Here’s some pictures she did of me in apps:

Oh, this one was  ‘just’ taken with the iPad.

I have a few issues with leaving little watery vomit spots in the basement, though I throw up my entire meal about once a month. Is this bad?  I hope the treats for furballs helps if that is the issue. I am not skinny and have a good appetite.

I got to go outside and snoop around a few days ago! We’ve had warm and sunny weather. I stuck my nose down a mole hole (at least that is what ma thinks!)

Happy Spring!!

While on one of my walks around my yard, ma thought it would be funny to do something. There were a few stray bird feathers laying around the yard, so she stuck them in the neck portion of my sparkly blue harness. She thought it looked like I was a ‘bird hunter’ and kept saying ‘Cosmo, catch me a bird’ or ‘Cosmo, the bird hunter’. Ha ha. Eventually they both fell out!
I was stuck in the basement for a few days while they went to the big sand/litter box. Heard the beds were hard. Now they know what it feels like to sleep on a hard step!

Cosmo has the winter blues

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

I’m still here gang. Not much to say. Well really there is as we have a ton and a half of snow in these parts of Pennsylvania! Like 40″-way over my head! I can’t even see any fresh green grass-all white! The yard out the window looks freaky this way, like a different yard.
Ma moved a plant from the kitchen to the front window, the one she mentioned that may be bad for me and it wasn’t as I chewed the heck out of it! I had tasted it months ago. Sometimes humans forget stuff. She is lucky!

THANKS to the kitties and mommies who left comments about food. We have to look into the raw food-never heard of it. I like wet the best, but I get tired of the same old. I don’t like anything in gravy which is hard for ma.

Tuxie visits again!

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

This guy is being persistent! I didn’t want my ma to feed him (like 5 days ago) and she did. She is thinking his family will be home today (well she thinks it’s the dentist man a few doors down), so maybe he’ll go home. He keeps following ma around the yard. She says she thought he was sick, but then he dropped and rolled and rolled like I do when I want attention. Crossing fingers he’ll vamoose!

Last week on one of my after din din walks around the yard, I went over near the shed and stopped dead in my tracks. About 10 feet or so away was ‘tuxie cat’ that’s what we all call this yard intruder. He started saying stuff in cat language like ‘I came to see the niiiccce laddyyyy’. I knew who he meant, my ma! Then I told him back ‘That’s my mmuuthhher’ and ‘get out of my yaarrddd’. I puffed up my tail and we talked and got loud for a few minutes. He looked like he had bubblegum in his mouth. My dad was there and ma said to walk toward tuxie and he did and off went the nosy kitty! I was still full of vim and vigor and wanted to stay glued to that spot. I almost had to be pulled away.
A few days later, I was in the bedroom on the perch and you guessed it, there was tuxie cat walking along the bank out back. I was just staring! Ma saw him too. She went outside near where he had been and I just stared-I couldn’t believe she was looking for him.
I’m putting up a sign-‘no tuxies allowed’!!!

In May, my human bro Sean came back home and it looks like he is staying for a while. It was really weird how he came and went and always smelled funny. Seems his ‘main job’ with me now is to toss me in the basement at night! How rude! They are all light sleepers (I beg to differ)and say I would jump on them all night. Seems they did this with their other cat too. And Ma has all those breakables that I may ‘get into’. (I may have broken only one or two).
So not much going on here. I get to go outside almost every evening-if they remember! I’m still eating grass! I tease them by laying on one of the beds after I come in from outside which freaks them out! They think I have ticks on me!
Hope you all are having a great summer. I’ll be stopping by if I can get Ma off Facebook!

Gang-it’s spring! I’ve been outside several times on the blue sparkly harness. Last week, ma hooked me out to a trellis and started raking nearby. I found a clump of fresh, green grass and started eating away! Ma said to be careful-I didn’t listen. I chewed and swallowed and then started to feel odd. And then the gagging began-yurp! Projectile vomiting-oopsie daisy!
What else did I do-I gave ma a big love bite on the bottom of her chin that she didn’t appreciate. She kept talking and rubbing my head with it so there you go!
And forget computer time. Now ma found Twitter and is looking at that besides her stupid blog, Flickr and Facebook. No wonder her tummy is big-ha ha!

img_7436It really is here! I get to go outside more! Yippee! Can’t wait for the first nibble of fresh spring grass!!!

Our pal Tuxie

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

Cat sighting #2-eating stale Christmas cookies! He does have a home the slob. ; )

No one really knows my real birthday, but today, 6 years ago, I wondered in my family’s yard and they decided to adopt me.(I learned this is called ‘Gotcha day’-good one!

Ma always says I adopted them. So to celebrate, we did nothing! It’s my brother’s last day at home before he drives back to PSU with a packed car. They were busy helping him. Ma did take me out on the harness and lo and behold, there was that Tuxie cat laying in my yard next to the yellow snake hose of all things! I was about 15 feet from him. Ma was telling him to go home and he was rolling all over the place like he was liking what she was saying. When we both started to hiss at each other, Ma dragged me around to the front of the house and then Tuxie went away. Ma thinks he was stalking a bunny family we have living near the house. Dad found a squirrel tail under the outdoor table yesterday. Ugh! The poor thing must have been hunting for nuts or something and got sprang on!

So I am happy to be here even though they shut me in the basement at night and when they go on trips. It’s better then facing the outside elements. I love them all in special ways. Thanks family.