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Category Archives: good kitty

Very funny, right?

Looks like I am almost nose to nose with this lady I don’t even know.

Mom’s still doing the catching thing. Hogs the computer like you wouldn’t believe.

I look at the Koi pond on the iPad

Yes, I can make the fish swim away!

Hope all is well gang!


I’m not sure if it’s ‘really’ my birthday, but I came to live here 10 years ago. Ma and Sean and Dad too, were nice enough to bring me into their home after they had lost their girl cat Jade a month or so earlier.

Here’s what I got…


Just kidding…these are the only gourds Ma got from her garden and they smelled really interesting.

I just got served up some Fancy Feast for dinner. Not bad, not bad at all.

Sorry it’s been a while gang! In February ma and dad were sick, so she forgot I needed to update this blog. And she was playing with that iPad thingie again and again. I get to play, but I mainly watch the mouse in the game below.

Yesterday I got up on Ma’s lap and she was playing a drawing game and Words with Friends. I enjoyed watching them as you can see:

Ma said to pardon her jammies. She isn’t working in the store and her schedule is messed up, thought she is looking for another PT job.

Here’s some pictures she did of me in apps:

Oh, this one was  ‘just’ taken with the iPad.

I have a few issues with leaving little watery vomit spots in the basement, though I throw up my entire meal about once a month. Is this bad?  I hope the treats for furballs helps if that is the issue. I am not skinny and have a good appetite.

I got to go outside and snoop around a few days ago! We’ve had warm and sunny weather. I stuck my nose down a mole hole (at least that is what ma thinks!)

Happy Spring!!

Cosmo in his favorite spot

Sean's 25th opening gifts
If my ma goes out more than an hour, I always snuggle up to her when she comes back. My human bro Sean, he’s on the other end of the sofie, turned 25 yesterday-man is he old! Ma says her hair looks better tonight as she got it fixed up nice. I could so do that for her!

Cossy extreme close-up

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

I didn’t even know this was being taken! Don’t I have lovely whiskers and an adorable pink nose with a ‘handsome’ (beauty) mark to boot?!

Cosmo snoozing beside me

I usually get my way, but Ma needs to keep the lap free of books, crochet, cross stitch and that blasted red box!

Cute tongue shot

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

Right on my ma’s lap I was relaxing my tongue for a bit and she thought it was too cute. That cellphone camera is going to be a big pain.

My family likes to pick me up and show me outside when the weather is yucky. I have been out a few times though when we had temps in the 60s-70s, but it’s been cold for a few weeks again. So ma picked me up and right there at that very moment, a part tabby cat was walking across my backyard! ‘He’ looked a little like me, with a striped tail, but more white around his face. I started to make ‘scram, get out of here’ noises which he couldn’t hear through a closed window. He even stopped for a drink out of the pond. We haven’t seen him since, but also no sighting of the tuxie cat.

Last night ma let me pick which lottery ticket that I thought was the winner. I put a wet ‘nose print’ on the one I picked. Wasn’t the powerball a ’19’ which we didn’t have, but one of the numbers on the ticket I picked was ’19’! So I was partly right, correct? Give me more and I wil pick a winner!

Actually it could be, but ma made it because I am her favorite animal-ha! She’s going to trade it with another lady over at Flickr. Very funny about the feathers too. I hardly get a sniff of feathers, let alone delicious grass.

Being in the dark is nothing new to me. I’m down the basement while my family sleeps at night. Yesterday, early in the evening, the wind outside was so strong, it made all the lights go out for a while. My family gets a bit freaky and funny. My ma went around making fire in different spots of the house. She had a candy smelling one in the kitchen, a lemony lime one in the bathroom and a Christmas one in the dining room! P.U.!
Then they got out the things with the loud noise and they stick things in their ears and ‘sing’ (I use that verb loosely) or hum. My ma had one in her ears and I came up for a lap visit and she tried to get me to hear the song-nonsense! Then she was singing to me -‘for the first time, when I look into your eyes’-very mushy stuff-and the power came on and everyone’s eyes were squinty and it was so bright. Very interesting.