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Cosmo’s new toy #cat #Cosmo #toy #snack #retrieve

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This helps you make little movies of ‘gifs’ with either movies or still photos. This is me playing with my Christmas toy. I have to retrieve treats from cups of varying sizes and I learned to use the tallest cup quickly! This of course is sped up a bit…but sometimes I am that excited to get treats! Helps to have claws too!

Hey, sorry we haven’t updated for a while. My ma has had some issues with arthritis and she has had boo boos since September of last year. She is feeling better except for her right knee. She also goes to help out with little peeps at a preschool once a week. She still geocaches a few times a week! 

Ma got an iPad2 (I can actually fit on her lap when she is looking at it) and she even lets me play with it as you can see. It’s an app called ‘Paint with Cats’.

With all the rain we had this past summer, the grass has been growing like crazy. Ma has been bringing me in long stalks of it-the kind with the ‘cattails’ on the end. She says it’s the cheapest toy ever. Only thing, she let me chew on one too much, and I left dad a greenish present on the basement floor. Ma said at least she didn’t have to clean it up!
I like this photo because of the claw action!
Ma made a video of me playing with the grass and will share it soon.

We’ve had three days of uglies mugglies, so I have been sleeping the dreariness off. I get my moments of energy, but it seems to pass and I either beg for food or crawl back in bed. Would you be insulted to chase a ball made out of crumpled up paper? Sometimes mom is at the computer and makes a ball this way. I chase it for like a second and that’s it.
Hope to get some outside photos again soon!

I’m speaking of that awesome catnip ball thingie Ma got me a few weeks ago. I batted it into a box while Ma was cleaning up the decorations:
It was fun while I had it!
I haven’t been playing much lately, just trying to keep warm and bulking up for the rest of the winter. I think this is a good thing, don’t you?

I lost mine already, but Ma said you can get them in Petco-the store or online. There is a little warning about a choking hazard, so watch when they get throat size.

If you find mine, let me know!

Cosmo gets a new toy!
This is a blast! I got an early present. Mom just added catnip to it to get me playing with it a second time.

My ma says I have the bestest attention span for a cat. I can play with something I like for 10 minutes or more if I am ‘into it’. Case in point-the retractable measuring tape:

Ok, I don’t look ‘that’ interested, but go on…

I’m playing with dad here. It’s cool as it makes a sound when they pull the measuring tape out, then it makes a sound when they push a button and it disappears into the little round case again!

Fun times…I could play with this for hours!!!!

Dad!!! Can’t you see I’m posing with all my mousie toys right now?

There! Much better….

I still love, love, love my red feathers on a stick. Ma knows I get a bit bored when it’s cold and damp outside, so she gets my stick down from on the top of her bookcase. I love when she runs it along the corner of the wall and I jump off the ground quite high to try and catch it. You know I can catch it, but I am playing with ma because she is bored and worried about herself lately.

She said to tell you she is getting a procedure done (on the 28th) to make sure one of her lady pillows is not bad or something. She said you can read about what’s going on in her blog called ‘Dianne Rambling on…’ and the tab at the top, ‘Me stuff’.

It’s almost turkey time! When anything is roasting in the oven, it drives me crazy all day. By 4 pm or so, I am begging for roast beef or whatever smells so good.