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Hello! Sorry for my absence! My people have left me alone as they went on a few trips, the last one much longer than I’m use to-3 nights-whew! I should have known when I got a huge bowl of food and water it was going to happen. After ma came home, I was ‘glued to her hip’ as she says. I wanted to make sure she didn’t do that again.

I’m having some ear issues. I have had them all my life, but this yucky dark brown yeast started growing in my ear a lot more. Ma tried mineral oil and it seemed to make it worse and it was hard for me to clean off. I looked like a greaser from the 1950s!

Then she mentioned on Facebook that I had issues and her friend the vet said to use Lotrimin in them for 2 weeks. Do you know what humans use that for? I can’t even say it’s so gross. And ma is putting that in my ears! And after 2 weeks to wipe out with 10% white vinegar. That seems a bit nicer.

Here I am all cozy on ma’s bed. We’ve had such hot weather like most of the country for 8 days or so.


  1. We are sorry you have yucky ears! Hope they are feeling better!

  2. Oh I think I would hate that!

  3. We have been having a hot summer here too. You have the right idea to relax on a nice comfy bed in the air conditioning. Hope you start feeling better. Thanks for the share. Have a great weekend.

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