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In May, my human bro Sean came back home and it looks like he is staying for a while. It was really weird how he came and went and always smelled funny. Seems his ‘main job’ with me now is to toss me in the basement at night! How rude! They are all light sleepers (I beg to differ)and say I would jump on them all night. Seems they did this with their other cat too. And Ma has all those breakables that I may ‘get into’. (I may have broken only one or two).
So not much going on here. I get to go outside almost every evening-if they remember! I’m still eating grass! I tease them by laying on one of the beds after I come in from outside which freaks them out! They think I have ticks on me!
Hope you all are having a great summer. I’ll be stopping by if I can get Ma off Facebook!



  1. So did you have to live in the basement before you took in a stray brother? Come over to our house and you can share any bed in the house!

  2. We share all the beds! Good heavens I can’t imagine life any other way.

  3. We’ll share our beds wif you, Cosmo! We love grass too!

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