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Cosmo’s new toy #cat #Cosmo #toy #snack #retrieve

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This helps you make little movies of ‘gifs’ with either movies or still photos. This is me playing with my Christmas toy. I have to retrieve treats from cups of varying sizes and I learned to use the tallest cup quickly! This of course is sped up a bit…but sometimes I am that excited to get treats! Helps to have claws too!

Hey, sorry we haven’t updated for a while. My ma has had some issues with arthritis and she has had boo boos since September of last year. She is feeling better except for her right knee. She also goes to help out with little peeps at a preschool once a week. She still geocaches a few times a week! 

The days are getting shorter. My days on the harness are coming to an end for a few months-unfortunately. I just had my annual vet visit and weighed in at 14 pds, 14 oz. The vet looked at the brown stuff in my right ear that I have a problem with and it’s yeast. So ma got drops that she keeps refrigerated and it’s a shock when she remembers to use them. My ear is much better. The vet also said I have tarter on my teeth and should have them professionally cleaned-for $225! When my ma took her girl cat to another vet, she use to do that scraping at the annual visit as part of the exam! I swear the newer vets charge for every little thing! So ma decides to get cat toothpaste and since I’ve never had my teeth brushed, I’m keeping my mouth closed as tightly as possible! She tried a few times and hasn’t tried in the last few days. Ma was sad as the visit was over $140 and she only had $80 on her. She asked the lady who was taking the money if they could bill her for the rest and they said no, that ma couldn’t take home the medicine for me unless they got the entire payment. Ma dipped in her food money and told them that and the lady laughed! Urghhh. If other doctors can take partial payment, why can’t they too? We are thinking about getting pet insurance soon.
Hope all you kitties and pals are doing fine!
Here I am going under the sofa to lay near the heat duct! Sean took this photo.

Being in the dark is nothing new to me. I’m down the basement while my family sleeps at night. Yesterday, early in the evening, the wind outside was so strong, it made all the lights go out for a while. My family gets a bit freaky and funny. My ma went around making fire in different spots of the house. She had a candy smelling one in the kitchen, a lemony lime one in the bathroom and a Christmas one in the dining room! P.U.!
Then they got out the things with the loud noise and they stick things in their ears and ‘sing’ (I use that verb loosely) or hum. My ma had one in her ears and I came up for a lap visit and she tried to get me to hear the song-nonsense! Then she was singing to me -‘for the first time, when I look into your eyes’-very mushy stuff-and the power came on and everyone’s eyes were squinty and it was so bright. Very interesting.

Bad Cosmo in the bay window
Bad Cosmo hiding behind the curtain

Dad caught me in the window this morning. Mom was uploading her photos and found this! Today she is rearranging stuff in this window. Hope I’ll be able to sneak in there tomorrow!



Ma said she wanted to see if I would try to get out from under this ‘trap’ thing as she went to get the flashy box. Well, I didn’t. It’s a trust issue and if she wanted me under it, I stayed for her-because I love her. This was only a minute or two. Ma has a thing for using clothes baskets as props. Sean was in one or two as a baby, but he got to sit in it, wasn’t under it.

Cosmo checking out the turkey
I’ve never seen or smelled anything like this. Ma said it weighs more than me (by a few pounds-lol) It was cold and hard as a rock. They plan to eat this in a few days? I am going to beg for meat from this? We’ll see!

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

Sleeping kitty Cross stitch upclose
My ma has had this thing on her lap for a few months now. I try to snuggle up to her, but she’s staring at this. I will say that she does snuggle with me too, I should mention that also. She said it is suppose to resemble what I may have looked like as a baby kitty. I didn’t look at myself in the mirror way back then, but I guess it definitely is a brown tabby like me.

Ma and dad think I’ve been licking my front lip funny. Ma said my right ear was really dirty and put medicine in it today, which I didn’t mind much.  When I first came here, I would gag and now it’s just a little lip licking action-and my ears were way dirtier.

I’ve been picky about my food too and she found some Meow mix wet food in the white cups that has like shredded chicken. It’s good.

I can answer that question. But let me tell you about what happened. I was cleaning myself like crazy. Something in the hind area didn’t feel right-I know you get that feeling. I came in the family room and stretched my leg up just in the right position and out popped a dingleberry! I was so embarrassed! I quickly left the room.

So dad comes in the family room and him ‘breezing by’ made the smell hit ma right in the nose. She thought dad had really bad breath or he stepped in something. LOL She kept saying when he walked in she smelled something and was getting nauseous. Finally she stood up and saw ‘my gift’. At that time I was under the desk in the other room. She had to get paper towels and pick it up and made me smell it and said ‘No’. Well the nerve! Wonder what she does in that situation?

Tonight I went for a walk! Yes! The grass was a little damp, but I went all the way past the veggie garden and sniffed around out there. On the way back, there was a ‘creature’ sitting next to ma’s roses. I don’t ever remember seeing it before! It Was a little taller than me when I sit and it had big yellow eyeballs. I went up to it very slowly and with caution. When I got to it, it smelled good and I started licking it! Then I rubbed my face on it and tried to bite it’s beak! It was neat and something I could relate to, even though it was hard and plastic. Dad came out and ma showed him my new friend. He thought it was funny too. Ma said it reminded her of the monkey babies who were given terry cloth mamas to cling to, like the Owl was my long lost mama! Hey! It was just a cool thing to have in my yard, that’s it!

I’m sure you all know that the tail is a very sensitive part of a kitty’s anatomy! When I get to the tip, I hold it and then it tickles so much, I start rolling around and then it becomes a toy! Ma was watching me lick my tail today and I know she thought it was funny!

Also, it’s so great to have a bird’s nest in a bush right outside our bay window. I was up on the bench near the window, statue-like and watching intently. Ma tried to sneak over to get the flashy box, but I saw her out of the corner of my eye and I got down. Foiled!

Here I am complaining about a pile of papers that ma left on the floor! I am holding a toy though.