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The days are getting shorter. My days on the harness are coming to an end for a few months-unfortunately. I just had my annual vet visit and weighed in at 14 pds, 14 oz. The vet looked at the brown stuff in my right ear that I have a problem with and it’s yeast. So ma got drops that she keeps refrigerated and it’s a shock when she remembers to use them. My ear is much better. The vet also said I have tarter on my teeth and should have them professionally cleaned-for $225! When my ma took her girl cat to another vet, she use to do that scraping at the annual visit as part of the exam! I swear the newer vets charge for every little thing! So ma decides to get cat toothpaste and since I’ve never had my teeth brushed, I’m keeping my mouth closed as tightly as possible! She tried a few times and hasn’t tried in the last few days. Ma was sad as the visit was over $140 and she only had $80 on her. She asked the lady who was taking the money if they could bill her for the rest and they said no, that ma couldn’t take home the medicine for me unless they got the entire payment. Ma dipped in her food money and told them that and the lady laughed! Urghhh. If other doctors can take partial payment, why can’t they too? We are thinking about getting pet insurance soon.
Hope all you kitties and pals are doing fine!
Here I am going under the sofa to lay near the heat duct! Sean took this photo.



  1. That is too bad the vet won’t take partial payment! We are glad you are healthy and found out what the ear gunk was.

  2. I am glad that you were found to be generally in good health! YEAH!!!

  3. Ooooh, I hate having stuff in my ears! Harley has tarter on his teeths, too. We are trying Petzlife oral gel. It is supposed to gradually loosen the tarter until you can just brush it off. We have only used it for a week or so, so I cannot tell you if it is working or not yet.

  4. We knows about yeasty ears, CRex are prone to that. Cold ear drops, must be Tresaderm. Sometimes we have to get on pills too if it’s too bad. Scaling the tartar off teeth is like taking a shower without soap…helps a little but doesn’t get under the gumline or polish the teeth…but you probably knew that already…

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