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I’m glad my antics seem to tickle my ma and dad’s funny bones! Last night, a thunderstorm went through and the whiz whiz (vacuum) was ‘parked’ right near an open window. Everytime there was a ‘boom’ or noise, I swore it was the whiz whiz and sat and stared at it like saying ‘what the heck?’ I turned my head a few times and my eyes got big. Of course I heard the two of them laughing at me. Then they started making whiz whiz noises to further annoy me.

The following was funny to me: ma was tossing little pieces of chicken from her lunch to me. With the last piece, I volleyed it into the living room area and I couldn’t find it after much sniffing. Ma had a fit as she thought for sure it was lost and would stink up the place. Lucky for her, she was sitting on the floor wrapping packages in there and saw the chicken next to her purse. Ha!

Looking relaxed



  1. You are a very funny kitty Cosmo.

  2. Hi, I am MoMo and am new to this blog game. Looks like your bed is getting a little too small for you!

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