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Thanks to all you cool cats and friends who stop by my blog. I hope you have a great 2010! I will be 10 years old this year. Am I middle-aged for a kitty? Who knows? : )
I also appreciate the comments you leave and will try and make the rounds of your blogs better.
My ma is wondering if you all eat wet or dry food or a combo of it? I get really tired of a certain brand and will try the new food and then get tried of it too. She is in a dilemma. Of course I get a taste of people food and that doesn’t help. I think it tastes so much better. But I guess it’s not good for me. Any ideas?



  1. Happy New Year to you too! The Woman gives us a variety of flavors and we haven’t gotten tired of our food. Most vets are now saying canned food is better. The Woman is trying to get us to eat RAW food (real food) rather than canned but is having a hard time with that. We also get some Solid Gold Blue Moon formula which is dry. Good luck finding what works for you.

  2. Happy New Year, Cosmo!! We are currently eating a combo of wet and dry. We have dry food for breakfast and wet food for dinner. Our mom is also experimenting with raw food, slowly. At first only 2 of us would eat it and now we are all catching on. She prepares it herself using a premix.

  3. Happy New Year Cosmo! We only eat dry cause we got to loose weight. But every now and tehn, Mom gives us wet.

  4. Happy New Year to you too. We will be 10 years old this year also. It makes mum wonder where the time has gone.
    We have dried food for breakfast and wet food for supper. Mum has tried to get us to eat raw food but we refuse point blank. Mum is going to gradually change us over to all wet food because she thinks it will be better for us as we get older.

  5. My Mommeh fed us all dry food for years until Harley got EGC and she did a lot of reading on feline nutrition. Canned food is much, much better and closer approximates the moisture content of the prey that a cat in the wild would eat. The extra moisture is better for urinary tract health. Harley and I are on a rotation diet (we switch proteins up) so we have a variety of foods and don’t become “picky” eaters. We eat Nature’s Variety raw frozen medallions that my Mommeh just thaws the night before in a ziploc bag. We eat chicken, rabbit, beef, venison and lamb. About once a week, for a treat, we share a can of Before Grain quail. We are much more active and frisky now and our poops are not stinky at all!

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