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Guys, it’s a bit depressing. The other night, ma put me in front of overgrown grass (outside the front door), let me chew a bit and in I went again. Wait, I did go out last night and almost choked on a long piece of grass. Ma had to pull it out of my throat. I was very thankful. This was the first morning in a long time that I hankered down next to her on the bed and stretched out. She’s got the bestest bed-called pilla top or something.

She’s been going out everyday and leaving me behind. She went to mom-mom’s today for a few hours. I feel so lonesome. When she got in, right at din din time, I told her in my loud voice that I was starving and she yelled at me! The nerve. No snuggling with her tomorrow morning-witch!

Me checking out the weird camera strap

What is that?



  1. Poor Cosmo! I am sorry you been a little lonesome. I hope you have some good fun this weekend though.

  2. ugh my beans only let me out on the weekends on my harness. its never long enough is it Cosmo??? so much grass to chew soo little time. i did see 2 squirrellys playing together. has yoo efer seen that?? i haded to come in shortly after that since sissy thought i was watching the squirrels too much. she was afaraid id chase them. i can wiggle out of my harness….snowy

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