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I still love, love, love my red feathers on a stick. Ma knows I get a bit bored when it’s cold and damp outside, so she gets my stick down from on the top of her bookcase. I love when she runs it along the corner of the wall and I jump off the ground quite high to try and catch it. You know I can catch it, but I am playing with ma because she is bored and worried about herself lately.

She said to tell you she is getting a procedure done (on the 28th) to make sure one of her lady pillows is not bad or something. She said you can read about what’s going on in her blog called ‘Dianne Rambling on…’ and the tab at the top, ‘Me stuff’.

It’s almost turkey time! When anything is roasting in the oven, it drives me crazy all day. By 4 pm or so, I am begging for roast beef or whatever smells so good.



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