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My ma’s bro lost his kitty Langston, almost a week ago and is very sad-he ran away and didn’t come back yet. The kitty made the long journey up from Florida to Penna back in April.

He lived in my ma’s other bro’s basement for a month. Ma’s bro also has a dog and the cat loved the dog (go figure). So the cat’s dad got an apartment in an old house. He thinks the people upstairs had a party, scared Langston and someone opened his door by mistake and out went the cat. Langston is a big scaredy cat too. He hid all the time. Well he’s hiding good now-no sign of him. My uncle was looking for him with his dog and a skunk got them both! Ugh! Also, and this is sad, uncle stops by the local SPCA every night looking for the little black and white kitty.He says it looks like it did when ma and him use to go there as kids. It’s sad to see the mama kitties and babies in cages. Keeping claws and paws crossed he’ll show up!



  1. Oh, I sure hope Langston will be found safe and sound and very soon.

  2. I hope Langston will come out of hiding and be found very soon.

  3. Oh no, poor Langston! I hope he is found soon!

  4. Poor Langston! We hope he finds his way home soon!

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