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has your pal Cosmo been?

I’m here stuck in this house, smelling stinky people feet and actually dreaming of going outside again on the purple harness. It’s a little crazy I admit. I spend my days watching ma eat and she eats a lot! I’ve been getting up on the dining room chair next to her and if I look cute enough, I get a morsel of beef, a piece of french fry or a dap of butter. Works every time. They especially like when I take my paw to knock the food off the table.

The winter is so boring. Sleep is good. Being cold isn’t. I crawl under the soffie a bunch. I get on ma’s big lap too. Snuggling is good for a kitty.



  1. I would like to see a picture of you in yer purple harness!

  2. Yes, cold weather is no fun. Do you have snow? We haven’t had any here yet this winter but it has gone cold now. I like to snuggle in my bed by the radiator.

    Your title is furry good and furry Pythonesque.

  3. Us kitties don’t like da cold! Snugglin’ is the best!

  4. Ugh. Stinky People Feet is a bad smell… Or is it just my people…?

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