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Mom thought it would be a bit funny to let me get a whiff of what she was eating today by just blowing her breath in my general direction-ha!  I give her a few *sniff*sniffs* with my cute little pink nose. I’m only humoring her you see. The only thing with me watching her is watching her chew! I can tell right away if I want any of what she is working on. Today I could definitely smell shrimp and parmesan in her leftover pasta. I didn’t want it really-but it’s good to keep the ol’ senses in gear.



  1. Hehehe I try to sniff what my mum is eating too. Did yoo say she had shrimp??? I luv shrimp!! Did yoo get enny?

  2. I love to smell my Mommie’s breaf.

  3. OOOH , the temptations!

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