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Mom was watching the news and a lady who said her dog got ‘911’ on the phone called the pooch her ‘canine son’. So all last night guess what she called me….yep, her ‘feline son’. Isn’t that the silliest thing. I prefer Cosmo!

Kitty Haiku as suggested by Psychokitty:

Psycho kitty cat
Max the mysterious one
Sit on Buddah’s head

Eric the fat cat
a big ball of furry fluff
Just don’t sit on me (there’s a theme here!)

Crew’s Views-what are they?
will the catnip be shared soon?
Please give me some nip!



  1. Ooh, a haiku about me! Thanks Cosmo, it’s very good! Don’t worry, I won’t sit on you – but trust me, when I do sit on someone, they KNOW they’ve been sat on!

  2. Hi Cosmo! We came over from Erics blog to see you! You’re a good lookin’ cat!

  3. Heh…sit on Buddah’s had I shall…!

  4. Cosmo

    Thanks for the haiku, but I’m the only “niphead” in our family and since I’ve been feeling poorly lately, haven’t felt like doing any. But, think of me next time you have some!

    The Crew

  5. Nice! Mom calls me her son too. I’m a CAT!

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