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Don’t I have the cutest back of the head?! And how about that neat neck accessory? I think I’m getting ready for Christmas like the rest of the family.
My ma keeps disappearing for hours at a time. She is complaining about her knees, feet and back. She had my mom-mom (her mom) out today where she spends a lot of time, buying stuff because of her discount. I heard her say it’s seasonal whatever that means. She seems to like discounts as she has lots of bags from this place. I have a new bow tie too. Watch for another photo soon and have fun getting ready for the holidays like me.

Cosmo in his favorite spot

Sean's 25th opening gifts
If my ma goes out more than an hour, I always snuggle up to her when she comes back. My human bro Sean, he’s on the other end of the sofie, turned 25 yesterday-man is he old! Ma says her hair looks better tonight as she got it fixed up nice. I could so do that for her!

Cosmo showing Garfield some love

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I don’t know who Garfield is, but he makes one heck of a comfy head pillow!

Hope all the kitties and families are doing well. I’m hanging in there, mostly with my ma and haven’t been out much because the sticky burrs have fallen off the Chestnut tress and would hurt my little feet pads.

Sending kitty kisses to my pals Karin and Michael on their new kitty girls Tinks and Bella-not sure if they will be renamed, but those are cutey names.

Cossy extreme close-up

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I didn’t even know this was being taken! Don’t I have lovely whiskers and an adorable pink nose with a ‘handsome’ (beauty) mark to boot?!

Cosmo snoozing beside me

I usually get my way, but Ma needs to keep the lap free of books, crochet, cross stitch and that blasted red box!

Cosmo in the late afternoon sun

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It was early evening and I was out on the leash. My ma decides to water something or hang up somethng and leaves me hooked up to a chair. It was a glorious evening out and I enjoyed the sun and grass!

Remembering my mom’s internet pal Warren who passed away in early June. She just found out a little over a week ago. Warren was really funny and a BIG thing was he loved cats and had three at the time of his passing-Boris, Rusty and Susannah probably are missing their daddy big time.

Cute tongue shot

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Right on my ma’s lap I was relaxing my tongue for a bit and she thought it was too cute. That cellphone camera is going to be a big pain.

Cosmo napping like a prince

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Oh my, oh my! My dad thought me laying here on the back bed demanded a photo. I got last laugh as I had just be outside and maybe I had a tick or something on me. Well that wouldn’t be nice would it? ; )

Cos laying on my grandmother’s scarf

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Mr. Cosmo-where he shouldn't be

So I’m not really suppose to be up on my ma’s good sofa, but the vacuum scares me! It’s the best place to watch. Ma says the scarf is her grandmom’s scarf and I shouldn’t be on it. Surprise!

My Ma thinks about silly stuff sometimes. For instance, she wondered how many stripes I have on my tail. Thing is, I’m not a raccoon and the stripes don’t go all the way around. If you look at my tail from the top, I have 8, let’s just say ‘full stripes’ and 2 halfsies. HA! So maybe the stripes are comparable to how many lives you have-so I have to have 10 lives, right?
I was outside in the early evening on Sunday. I watched Ma and Dad cleaning out the pond during the day and it took them a long time. It smelled kinda funny when I walked by it, but the water was splashing. Ma was happy to report that where were no winter casualities meaning no frog bodies came to the surface. She left off the mesh covering until it was really chilly out in the fall so they could move out.
Today it’s going to be really warm and Ma said she’d take me outside again. Woo!