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My Ma thinks about silly stuff sometimes. For instance, she wondered how many stripes I have on my tail. Thing is, I’m not a raccoon and the stripes don’t go all the way around. If you look at my tail from the top, I have 8, let’s just say ‘full stripes’ and 2 halfsies. HA! So maybe the stripes are comparable to how many lives you have-so I have to have 10 lives, right?
I was outside in the early evening on Sunday. I watched Ma and Dad cleaning out the pond during the day and it took them a long time. It smelled kinda funny when I walked by it, but the water was splashing. Ma was happy to report that where were no winter casualities meaning no frog bodies came to the surface. She left off the mesh covering until it was really chilly out in the fall so they could move out.
Today it’s going to be really warm and Ma said she’d take me outside again. Woo!



  1. How fun that you get to go outside. I do not have stripes so the Woman has never tried to count! And Gemini’s is too broken up because of her fluff


  2. Enjoy your fresh air adventures!

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