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My family likes to pick me up and show me outside when the weather is yucky. I have been out a few times though when we had temps in the 60s-70s, but it’s been cold for a few weeks again. So ma picked me up and right there at that very moment, a part tabby cat was walking across my backyard! ‘He’ looked a little like me, with a striped tail, but more white around his face. I started to make ‘scram, get out of here’ noises which he couldn’t hear through a closed window. He even stopped for a drink out of the pond. We haven’t seen him since, but also no sighting of the tuxie cat.

Last night ma let me pick which lottery ticket that I thought was the winner. I put a wet ‘nose print’ on the one I picked. Wasn’t the powerball a ’19’ which we didn’t have, but one of the numbers on the ticket I picked was ’19’! So I was partly right, correct? Give me more and I wil pick a winner!



  1. More introoders! We are sorry he could not hear you telling him to go away!

  2. It does take practice to pick winners, doesn’t it?

  3. Yeah, Teri’s hoping that once we get down in the basement again that we aren’t too upset (ie: spray) when we see TomTom out the window!

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