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Sean what did you bring home for me?

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

My human bro Sean loves to bring home bags and bags of stuffie. He works in a big place where he gets money off on everything-even cat food. Sometimes he brings me that, but mostly it’s food for him! I think he had gone to a grocery store in another town here and just left the bags in the wrong room-not the kitchen.
Ma did buy me a mousie made out of solid catnip which I have misplaced already. I found my catnip ball and that gave her the idea. That’s missing too. Yark!



  1. Well if you loose your toys that fast, she needs to buy you more, doesn’t she?


  2. Catnip balls and a solid mouse! that sounds like fun, if Mom can find them!

  3. We sure hope you find your catnip mousie!

  4. It must be exciting looking in the bags to see if there is something for you.

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