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Cosmo believes you must bloom where you are planted

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

Yeah, I really like new stuff because I can make it smell like me. Ma didn’t have this rug down 5 minutes and I was on it!

It’s been so hot here this summer-we are on our 8th heatwave. I mainly lay low inside, but ma will take me for a walk about once or twice a week. Last night the skeeters kept landing on her! She has lots scars from them on her legs-yeck! Glad I have fur to hide stuff like that.



  1. Getting your smell on all the new stuff is very important!

  2. You look very cute on your rug, Cosmo!

  3. It’s important to make sure it smells like you right away. I like your rug.

  4. That is a cute rug! and you look sweet laying on it (and getting your scent on it!)

  5. Yep. You need to claim everything new that comes in. Keep up the good work 🙂

  6. Wait, this happened in your own neighborhood but you didnt run? Or did you, and youre too modest to share the pics?

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