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Cosmo with his feet tucked under

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

Though the summer is coming to an end sooner or later, that doesn’t mean much to me except I don’t get to go outside and nibble on fresh green grass anymore. Mom let me out on the back step tonight and some grass was growing in one of her flower pots which I immediately got a taste of. Dad says I tend to leave little green puddles on the basement floor after these nibbles. Opps! I just love grass!
I get to look out the big living room window (the side window of it with a screen) as mom gave in and says I let up on her with begging and laying all over her when she is on this silly computer.
Every night the tuxie cat who likes to wander around the neighbor, sits across the street on the bank looking for moles or mice. Glad I don’t have to go down that road!



  1. You are very lucky that you don’t have to hunt for food!

  2. Nibbling is a very important pass time–even if you don’t hunt.

  3. Yes, we are glad our food is ‘hunted’ for us and we don’t have to eat furry things. Now it’s cooled off a bit, we get to sit by the open windows and even get to go strollering (well, Brighton and Disco do). Mewmie strollered us 4 miles yesterday!

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