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Cosmo complaining he’s inside and I’m outside

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

Gang, this is the way it usually is. I will say that ma finally broke down and let me lay in that big window. I can sniff the open window (when it is open) to see who is around. I’d rather be outside investigating and eating grass-that’s what I enjoy the most.

And guess what-ma killed the catnip! I didn’t like it anyways, but I liked to sniff it too.



  1. A big window is excellent though! I love watching outside!

  2. Outside is definitely the best. Now it is getting warmer, we are sleeping outside at night too. (Don’t worry, we can’t escape from the garden).

  3. We love to go outside, but don’t get to often unless we’re on the leash. We love our catio though!

  4. Oh, sad meows, but you are safer inside…maybe she would buy you some kitty grass and you can purrrtend you are outside?

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