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Well, guess what?! Ma and Sean were in a Pet*Smart store on Tuesday and they were looking at the kitties who were up for adoption. She said she was looking for a certain ‘dog’ toy for mom-mom’s dog. Yeah right. Heard she took a fancy to a 4 month old tuxie cat with a pink nose and paws named Elliot. The lady coaxed her and Sean into the back room where the cages opened up and they both held him! And he liked it. And when ma put him back in the cage, he turned his back on her! She says that it would break my heart if she brought a kitten into a house with me. And they can’t really afford taking two cats to the vet. It’s Christmastime, so the little poop will probably get adopted in no time. Ma said she prayed that his family would be nice to him. Geez.



  1. Our Mom looks every time she goes to Pet-smart. She hates to leave the pretty tuxie’s there but is not sure we need three cats.

  2. Our mum is always sad when she sees kitties waiting for their forever homes.

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