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Cosmo wonders why he isn’t outside

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

Ah-oh! Ma is outside and I’m in! I don’t like the feel of wet leaves under my tootsies anyway. I will miss the grass nibbling!



  1. And why aren’t you outside?! I mean if you want to be someone should take you out.

  2. Cosmo, inside is waaay better! Although, we do like to go outside on our screened-in-porch every now and then.

  3. Mum shuts us in at night if it is raining, and we don’t like it one bit. (When we aren’t shut in, we can’t get out of the garden.)

  4. We agree that inside is better!

  5. My cat Charlotte has been sitting at the door to the deck asking to go outside. I am thinking of buying a harness and leash and taking her out on the deck for some fresh air, although I don’t know how she’ll take to wearing a harness and a leash!

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