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This is insane! I can’t even find a good hiding place under the globe here. Ma-please start getting rid of more books-you never read them-they are just for show it seems. Sean got rid of some of his-well he is trying to sell them and they aren’t in his room, but in a crate in the basement-but they are going if they don’t sell. Come on!
That big book over my head (it weighs a ton), was given to ma by her cousin about her paternal family history-if she cleaned off one shelf, there would be room for that!



  1. Yeah, you definitely need a bit more space to hang out in. I really hate it when things get that messy.

  2. Books are terrific to hide behind! Enjoy ’em!

  3. We love to lay on books! Especially if mom is trying to read one.

  4. We like to hide in teh books, too!

  5. Poor Cosmo, you are looking a bit squished there.

  6. We can’t go in the basement cuz it sort of looks like your bookshelf…something might fall on us.

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