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Tuxie visits again!

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

This guy is being persistent! I didn’t want my ma to feed him (like 5 days ago) and she did. She is thinking his family will be home today (well she thinks it’s the dentist man a few doors down), so maybe he’ll go home. He keeps following ma around the yard. She says she thought he was sick, but then he dropped and rolled and rolled like I do when I want attention. Crossing fingers he’ll vamoose!



  1. He is quite a fine looking cat. I hope that he does indeed have a home and will get back there soon!

  2. He does look to be a nice cat. We hope he has a home.

  3. We hope e has a home but we are sorry if they just turned him out while they are gone.

  4. He has such an interesting face! We sure hope he has a good home!

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