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Last week on one of my after din din walks around the yard, I went over near the shed and stopped dead in my tracks. About 10 feet or so away was ‘tuxie cat’ that’s what we all call this yard intruder. He started saying stuff in cat language like ‘I came to see the niiiccce laddyyyy’. I knew who he meant, my ma! Then I told him back ‘That’s my mmuuthhher’ and ‘get out of my yaarrddd’. I puffed up my tail and we talked and got loud for a few minutes. He looked like he had bubblegum in his mouth. My dad was there and ma said to walk toward tuxie and he did and off went the nosy kitty! I was still full of vim and vigor and wanted to stay glued to that spot. I almost had to be pulled away.
A few days later, I was in the bedroom on the perch and you guessed it, there was tuxie cat walking along the bank out back. I was just staring! Ma saw him too. She went outside near where he had been and I just stared-I couldn’t believe she was looking for him.
I’m putting up a sign-‘no tuxies allowed’!!!



  1. How dare he intrude! How dare your mum look for him! It seems you have a lot to put up with.

  2. How dare that tuxie cat come into your yard?!

  3. Hay! There is no any thing wrong with Tuxies! he just wants to be friends.

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