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Gang-it’s spring! I’ve been outside several times on the blue sparkly harness. Last week, ma hooked me out to a trellis and started raking nearby. I found a clump of fresh, green grass and started eating away! Ma said to be careful-I didn’t listen. I chewed and swallowed and then started to feel odd. And then the gagging began-yurp! Projectile vomiting-oopsie daisy!
What else did I do-I gave ma a big love bite on the bottom of her chin that she didn’t appreciate. She kept talking and rubbing my head with it so there you go!
And forget computer time. Now ma found Twitter and is looking at that besides her stupid blog, Flickr and Facebook. No wonder her tummy is big-ha ha!



  1. I am so pleased that we are finally getting sun. You are lucky you got to go outside on your harness!

  2. Cosmo, I would not forget you! I got to go Outside in my harness last week. It was very fun. I’m sorry you bomited.

  3. Twitter is getting lot’s of humans away from blogs! Good to see you back!

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