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Birthday surprise for Brian

Originally uploaded by DianthusMoon

My dad got this from my grandmom for his birthday a few days ago. Ma put them on the dining table. Guess what I did-you know-I started to chew on the spiky plant in the back! Dad caught me and then noticed most of the points were gone off the plant’s leaves! I was taking a nap with ma the other day and I woke up coughing and choking a bit and she wondered why. They were both upset because they didn’t know if this plant was bad for me-ma said she wasn’t sure what it was maybe a dracaena? Here is a list of bad plants-and the dang dracaena is on there-guess it wasn’t that.  Needless to say it got moved and I am fine-whew! I’m glad they didn’t have to learn the hard way if it was toxic. Scary stuff!



  1. That is a pretty plant arrangement. We are glad you didn’t get ill from chewing the leaves.

  2. Oh Cosmo! We are glad you are OK! Mom got us some wheat grass to shew on. We are not sure we like it yet!

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