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I lost mine already, but Ma said you can get them in Petco-the store or online. There is a little warning about a choking hazard, so watch when they get throat size.

If you find mine, let me know!



  1. Man that looks delicious!

  2. Mon found them on the PetCo web site!

    OOps, maybe your Mom dod not want to get another one becasue to the choking warning?

  3. I am going to get one for myself! At least, I hope so. Um, Mommie?

  4. Thanks for letting us know where to find them.

  5. Our mom just bought us pawbreakers for the first time! She bought them online at

    These things are the bestest! The only problem is we keep rolling them under the furniture….

  6. I bet it’s under the stove or dryer. That’s where a lot of the best toys wind up. Except Buddah manages to lose toys to the Toy Vortex. It’s closely related to the Dryer Sock Vortex. He’ll never see those toys again…

  7. The pawbreakers sound great, but I worry about the choking hazard.

  8. I know you can get them at the Siamese Rescue store.

    I’ve never tried them but they look fun.

  9. Hi Cosmo, those videos are hilarious. We watched the slow mo first and then the fast one.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

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