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Ma said she wanted to see if I would try to get out from under this ‘trap’ thing as she went to get the flashy box. Well, I didn’t. It’s a trust issue and if she wanted me under it, I stayed for her-because I love her. This was only a minute or two. Ma has a thing for using clothes baskets as props. Sean was in one or two as a baby, but he got to sit in it, wasn’t under it.



  1. Ah, if you really wanted out you could easily get away. So you must have liked it in there! Playing in laundry baskets is fun.

  2. Ack….my People have done that to me and I didn’t like it one bit. I hunkered down and tried to be invisible, and they knew it upset me, so they said they were sorry. At least i got *that* out of them…

  3. That happened to me once. Mum didn’t put it on me, but I was climbing in it and it tipped over on top of me. I didn’t like it and was trying to run with it over me when mum saw me.

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