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Sleeping kitty Cross stitch upclose
My ma has had this thing on her lap for a few months now. I try to snuggle up to her, but she’s staring at this. I will say that she does snuggle with me too, I should mention that also. She said it is suppose to resemble what I may have looked like as a baby kitty. I didn’t look at myself in the mirror way back then, but I guess it definitely is a brown tabby like me.

Ma and dad think I’ve been licking my front lip funny. Ma said my right ear was really dirty and put medicine in it today, which I didn’t mind much.  When I first came here, I would gag and now it’s just a little lip licking action-and my ears were way dirtier.

I’ve been picky about my food too and she found some Meow mix wet food in the white cups that has like shredded chicken. It’s good.


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  1. Ah, that is very adorable!

    I hope your lip is okay. My brother Harley just this week got 2 blisters on his lip. The vet said it could be an allergy to plastic food bowls, and he got a steroid injection and new bowls!

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