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I can answer that question. But let me tell you about what happened. I was cleaning myself like crazy. Something in the hind area didn’t feel right-I know you get that feeling. I came in the family room and stretched my leg up just in the right position and out popped a dingleberry! I was so embarrassed! I quickly left the room.

So dad comes in the family room and him ‘breezing by’ made the smell hit ma right in the nose. She thought dad had really bad breath or he stepped in something. LOL She kept saying when he walked in she smelled something and was getting nauseous. Finally she stood up and saw ‘my gift’. At that time I was under the desk in the other room. She had to get paper towels and pick it up and made me smell it and said ‘No’. Well the nerve! Wonder what she does in that situation?



  1. Sometimes dingleberries happen. You are not to be blamed.

  2. What did she expect you to do…carry it over to the litterbox?! Once it exited your body, it was no longer your concern and Daisy is right, you’re not to blame!

  3. No point in punishing the kitty, he won’t understand. It was not Cosmo’s fault.

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