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Before dinner, I think I’m going to be stuffed in the carrier and taken for my check-up and rabies shot. Watch for a report later.

Later-well it went okay at the vet-got two shots. My mom mom went along with us and talked to me in the backseat of the van. I still cried and felt sorry for myself. Oh, and although ma unscrewed the lid of the carrier and caught me inside, I really didn’t put up a fight-what’s the use.

The ladies at the vet loved me as usual. Said because I’m getting older, I should get a complete bloodwork-for $100. Ma said I am good and can play like a cat half my age. She’ll watch me carefully, of course.

After the shot, I got back in the carrier with no complaint. On the way home, ma sat in the back and opened the door and I came out and watched the road a bit, but started getting itchy, so she made me go back in the carrier. I’ve been fine tonight and got on ma’s lap a few times. I wasn’t mad at her, or dad or mom mom.


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