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No one really knows my real birthday, but today, 6 years ago, I wondered in my family’s yard and they decided to adopt me.(I learned this is called ‘Gotcha day’-good one!

Ma always says I adopted them. So to celebrate, we did nothing! It’s my brother’s last day at home before he drives back to PSU with a packed car. They were busy helping him. Ma did take me out on the harness and lo and behold, there was that Tuxie cat laying in my yard next to the yellow snake hose of all things! I was about 15 feet from him. Ma was telling him to go home and he was rolling all over the place like he was liking what she was saying. When we both started to hiss at each other, Ma dragged me around to the front of the house and then Tuxie went away. Ma thinks he was stalking a bunny family we have living near the house. Dad found a squirrel tail under the outdoor table yesterday. Ugh! The poor thing must have been hunting for nuts or something and got sprang on!

So I am happy to be here even though they shut me in the basement at night and when they go on trips. It’s better then facing the outside elements. I love them all in special ways. Thanks family.



  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Cosmo!

  2. Oh no! we missed your purrfday. Happy Purrfday/Gotcha Day Cosmo.

  3. Sorry we missed your birthday, Happy belated!

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