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Ma wanted a photo of Sean and me for a silly frame she has. I had just woken up and they grabbed me and took me outside with about 3 treats. I got to eat one in the grass! What fun. Here’s the one she is using in her special frame of ‘her boys’:
Sean and Cosmo

Sean goes back to school next week. I keep looking at him and closing my eyes a bit-yeah I’ll miss him and I have a special place in my heart for him. I get to roam around his room and sniff everything when he’s gone!

Hey GOOD NEWS!!! Ma’s bro called this morning and Langston has been rescued! He was gone almost 3 weeks. People saw him playing with bugs in the tall grass and he was hiding in their back yard. They had seen one of Uncle D’s signs about Langston.  Uncle D got a cage from a lady at work and took it over to get Langston. He got trapped in the cage and is home now. He is loving Uncle D up and he never did that before. He’s so glad to be home.



  1. First of all, I am so happy to learn the good news about Langston! And that’s a wonderful photo of your mom’s two boys. It will look great framed!

  2. Awesome new about Langston! And a nice pic…he kinda looks like Spiderman…

  3. That’s great news that Langston has been found and is now safe at home.

    Very handsome boys!

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