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Tonight I went for a walk! Yes! The grass was a little damp, but I went all the way past the veggie garden and sniffed around out there. On the way back, there was a ‘creature’ sitting next to ma’s roses. I don’t ever remember seeing it before! It Was a little taller than me when I sit and it had big yellow eyeballs. I went up to it very slowly and with caution. When I got to it, it smelled good and I started licking it! Then I rubbed my face on it and tried to bite it’s beak! It was neat and something I could relate to, even though it was hard and plastic. Dad came out and ma showed him my new friend. He thought it was funny too. Ma said it reminded her of the monkey babies who were given terry cloth mamas to cling to, like the Owl was my long lost mama! Hey! It was just a cool thing to have in my yard, that’s it!



  1. The Owl and the Pussycat!

  2. You never know where you might find a new friend!

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