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I’m sure you all know that the tail is a very sensitive part of a kitty’s anatomy! When I get to the tip, I hold it and then it tickles so much, I start rolling around and then it becomes a toy! Ma was watching me lick my tail today and I know she thought it was funny!

Also, it’s so great to have a bird’s nest in a bush right outside our bay window. I was up on the bench near the window, statue-like and watching intently. Ma tried to sneak over to get the flashy box, but I saw her out of the corner of my eye and I got down. Foiled!

Here I am complaining about a pile of papers that ma left on the floor! I am holding a toy though.


One Comment

  1. My Mommie thinks it is funny how I hold down my tail when I groom, too!

    That’s a fun-looking toy you got there.

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