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My mom went to see my grandmom, her bro and his woofie Baxter who looks like this:

He looks lovingly at ma’s bro the way I look at her! (So ma says!) When ma got home she smelled a bit like stinky dog. She said she had to pet him a bunch as he was trying to get to know her. Bro said not to pet his ears too much or he would bite ma in the face! Yikes! There’s a kitty that lives there too, but he hides all the time. He’s a scaredy cat! Ma was trying to be nice to him and he blinked at her a bit.

Ma’s been really busy digging, raking and planting Lord knows what in the yard. It smells different every time I venture out! And the long green snake has made an appearance again! I hiss at it everytime! But I also hiss at a knot in my leash.


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