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I get to go outside almost everyday now, but not today because ma was off taking photos in the humongous garden place. If you’d like to see them, check out her blog in the bottom links.

By accident, I ‘showed’ ma how I get out of the harness! Oppsie!! If it gets too loose around my neck, I hunch my neck up and the harness part slides down and I can usually shake loose. Now she is making it snug around my neck!

I am eating a bit of grass here and there. I find as I get older I am more into sniffing things for a good spell which bugs ma sometimes. I like when she is actually doing something, maybe pulling weeds nearby, and I can sniff to my heart’s content.

I’ve been keeping ma company on the sofa more too. She prefers that I snuggle up next to her instead of getting on her lap. Last night I stayed by her side for over 3 hours! And I’ve been keeping her company in bed in the morning. She is glad I do because sometimes I cry and she knows she can settle me down (like a baby!)

The catnip must be catmint and I do not like it, though there is a big pot of it out front. Last year, someone else was munching on it!

Sorry, no photos, ‘you know who’ was too busy taking flower pictures!

Before I forget, I am still enjoying watching the birds fly above the family room window. They are pooing on the window a bit too-hahahah!


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