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Ma finally took me outside and we had a nice walk. All of a sudden, she hooked the end of my leash to the shed door and started raking out a garden bed nearby! I started sniffing and ended up almost under the shed, but on a part of the cement slab that is still showing on the side. She came back looking for me and starting pulling on the leash and I started hissing! I liked this spot! I could look for mice or groundhogs. Well, I wiggled so much, I came out of the harness and ma called me Houdini!

I went behind the shed and hide out while she begged me to come back! HA HA! Then it got quiet and I need to know where ma was, and I came back to the slab and she happen to be able to grab me! Rats! Freedom is sweet!



  1. Cosmo! You should not escape from your harness, that could be dangerous! Well, I must admit that I have tried that stunt before, too.

  2. Bet you had her worried when you were hiding.We don’t have to wear a harness cuz dad built a big fence around the garden, and now we can’t get out.

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