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The few times I’ve been out these last few weeks, I almost have a major spaz out! The more I walk and sniff, the more I feel the growls in my throat and my mind flashes with images of squirrels, ground hogs and mice! Ma said I even scared her one day and I was feeling so tense she said I was about to start to twirl like the Tasmanian Devil!


Dad had me out and got disgusted with my hisses and snarling.

Now today I was better, still hissed a little, but decided I wanted to go in when mom opened the door. She was very relieved. I had gotten a few morsels of steak, so I know how to act to make ma happy!



  1. Uh-oh, maybe you’ve got Spring fever

  2. Last time I was out, I was ok until Dad camed out to talk to Mom. Suddenly, I gotted ascared and FLEW past Dad an into the howse.

    Maybe you smell anofur cat dat bisits yur yard? That would make you growl an get tense. Purrs!

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